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WECAN offers different types of FIBERGLAS PANELS. With our BRICK PANEL, we are hitting the masonry market ! This panels are typically used on new construction or renovation of single family units. It can also be used for multi-family and light commercial applications. It offers an economical and durable solution to rejuvenate the appearance of any building. Even hard to fit areas will have a lively and pleasant design where this panels are used.

This is an approximately 200 year old house. Now it looks like new. Ready for the next 200 years.

The patented closure System. Very simple but absolute tide.

Combination of WECAN siding- systems. BRICK- and SLATE - PANELS.

Below : See the Corners and the BRICK-PANELS. Unbelievable it is Fiberglass !


This multi - family - house has been renovated with Fiberglass - Brick - Panels.



This is a PRAYER HOUSE and has been done with WECAN - BRICK - PANELS by the believe- brothers  themselves.

This has been a pre fabricated house. 

 Now it has the beautiful outfit like a real brick-house.